Gentle correction or gettin’ knocked on your rear?

Do you ever get that gentle correction from the Lord? Or do you just get that earth-shaking wake up call that knocks you on your rear letting you know you are being disobedient.  God uses whatever He chooses. It is not always a disobedience that He is correcting, but it may be that I am not spending enough time in the Word so He can speak to me. Sometimes He uses those, “AHA!” moments. Sometimes He does use illness. Sometimes He uses other people to let me know that I am falling short.  Sometimes He speaks directly to my heart.   This is what I got today…

Not in these words exactly but the Lord impressed this on my heart. “Tara, you sure are sick.  In the last month you have been in severe pain with a ruptured ovarian cyst and you now have the flu.  I am trying to get your attention here.”  “Yes Lord! I am listening.” As I lay on my bed He truly spoke to my heart and said, “I miss you dear one. Where have you been? You don’t even know where your bible is do you?”  UUUUUMMM well since you can’t lie to God, I said, “No, Lord I sure don’t! I am so sorry, please forgive me.

Wonderfully forgiven I sit here typing.  Then He let me know that I need to write about this. So here it is.  It doesn’t matter what situation you are in always make time for God. While you are on your back hacking up a lung, spend some time in prayer.

When needy children who are clawing and pawing at you surround you, read them a verse from the Bible.  (Not the rain down fire and brimstone people!) Pray a blessing of peace over them.  God’s word never returns void as it says in Isaiah 55:11 NLT “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.”

God has been trying to get my attention. It seems rather painful right now, but it could have been worse.  The CT scan shows no more cysts. My flu will eventually go away.  My husband and dad have been super heroes helping me.

God provides.

He never leaves us. He is, He was and Always will be. He is the provider. He is the Rock. He is everything to me.  He heals all my ills, affords me with great care. He never leaves me with a burden I can’t bear.  I am never alone. He is always near. He will never stop bending to me His listening ear. Unfaithful am I to share this truth.  May I be more like your beloved Ruth.

Forsooth. Gotta love that word!!! I wanted to use it in my poem, but, was unable to. I Used it in a random sentence.  🙂

Any way. Listen to the Lord He is pretty awesome!


Just being nice

So I had that cyst that ruptured 2 weeks ago and now the flu has descended.  3 of our 5 have the flu and that is including me. 😦 Poo poo we have the flu! I was at the clothes line hanging out clothes and this little poem, dorky and short came to me. Poetry seems to ooze sometimes so whatever and however silly it is, I write it down!

Poo poo we have the flu. I hope it doesn’t make it’s way to you! 

Yes, it is dumb, but it is now out there 🙂  hahaha

On to the just being nice part of this post.  We are living at my parents while we are waiting for God to provide our home. They generously moved into their fifth wheel trailer next to their home so that our feisty five could move home.  The other morning it was literally freezing, not something we are used to. 🙂 My dad is a nice guy and would honestly give the shirt off of his back to help someone.  He came in and started a fire for the girls and I since we are under the weather. That was kind and thoughtful and generous and loving. Thanks Dad!

He also held one crying kid while I took the other in for her flu test. Thank you God for my dad and for making him nice!

So give being nice a try 🙂  Do something for someone else today. It is fun to do and fun to receive!