I’m drowning.

I’m drowning! I’m drowning! I hear myself cry. I’m right here Lord just waiting to die.

The wind is whirling round me today. Help me Lord. Help me I say!

He speaks to me in His strong voice. Rebuking the storm it has no choice.

Peace be still says He to it and a calm slides in where I pitifully sit.

“Why don’t you have faith?” “Why are you so fearful?” “Why not be happy?” “Why not be cheerful?”

Yet here He is He can calm this storm. Why do I sit in pity so forlorn?

He can calm the sea with His words. He cares for the fish He cares for the birds.

He can pull me out of the pit where I am wallowing. Sitting in decadence sorrow borrowing.

When will I learn His grace is sufficient? Enough for the day and for what’s in it.

He cares for the cattle on a thousand Hills. He cares for my heart what ails and what ills.

My depression and pain He understands too. Your despair and your aches He’s also with you.

He has us in His loving arms. Sheltered, not untouched by life’s evil charms.

What sin we allow in He waits to take out. Self-pity and pride are the first see ya later. Hatred and bitterness no more not a hater.

Self-loathing and fear for too long you’ve been near. You are not welcome I won’t bend my ear.

To listen to the lies that swirl all around. Keeping me in this storm waiting to be found.

He says yet again “Why do you doubt? Come to me dear one I will take the sin out.

Ah! That is better I can open my eyes. My life is free from all Satan’s lies.

Seeing the truth not bound by the fear. Not letting myself being repeatedly knocked to my rear.

Standing strong. Not alone. My heart not divided. With my Heavenly Father I am now reunited.