Angel 2 Snakes 0

After dinner the two big girls went out exploring the back 5 of the property.  They came running back panting excitedly! “Angel saved our lives!” “Angel was snuffing a snake for us!” “She saved us!”


Of course, you don’t take that quietly. (well on the inside I am SCREAMING, but on the outside I have the raised eyebrow thing going on.) Sammy asks the good questions, “What color was it?” “How big was it?”  They said it was a long red, yellow and black snake.  (There are a Few snakes that I know… Coral red and yella kill a fella and a rattlesnake.)  From their description, the former seemed to be the one.  OF course, I have a freak out moment in me heart.

The girls are screeching for us to come see the snake Angel killed. So rubber boots, a hoe and some enthusiasm and we were off!  On the way we did some berry picking and when we arrived, we saw her prize. She had done her duty and she was done with it. snake 001 We reminded the girls again that they have to be ever vigilant with where they are and what they are doing. Always watchful and aware. We kinda have to do that in life don’t we? Be aware and alert. Watching for the enemy who seeks to steal kill and destroy?  (John 10 and I Peter 5)

We are praising God for the safety of our kiddos and thankful for Angel! (and still thankful for our property even though there are snakes.)


This untamed and chaotic hour.

Lord I need You in this untamed and chaotic hour.

To feel your might and absorb Your power.

I have failed in the area of kindness.

Help me get past my shallow one-sidedness.

I am calling out dear Lord for your guidance.

Waiting with bated breath for assurance.

That I am not alone on this sorrowful path.

Full of self-centered self-absorbed wrath.

Life has gotten me down at the moment.

Yet your grace is sufficient and even prominent.

Help me to rest fully stranded in You.

I think today we will go to the zoo!

I’ll let my “wildlife” mingle with yours.

To gape at the beauty that walks on all fours.

Winged creatures and water cows, reptiles and the rest.

This day just might turn out for the best!