New School. Ruptured ovarian cyst, ER visit and a room full of family. Part 1

This past week was a big week for our family. The girls, whom I have been home schooling for a year and a half began attending a new school.  My husband took a new job with a superb school district and has not had a bad day yet! Pretty remarkable really considering.  He says he feels like he is in a twilight zone of sorts.  Tuesday was the first day that they took the 1 hour drive.  They got up at 5:30 a.m. and quickly got ready for their new adventure. 🙂 They were thrilled.  I’ll spare you all the emotions that I felt but they were around the world and back.  Though Sammy and I prayed diligently about sending the kids back to school, there was that tiny bit of sadness that engulfed me because I have been with them nearly every day for that last year and a half.  The nest was two birdies less and I had one sqwaucking  little birdie left at home.  I cleaned ALLLLLLLLL day! It was great. The whole house was clean and I was relieved.  Then came nap time! WOW Was it ever quiet. 🙂  Blessed first day for the kiddos and it started again Wednesday.

My stomach started hurting but you know pain is relative.  We went on our morning bike ride with my dad and the pain increased.  And continued to ache and burn on the right side.  No position was comfortable. Standing, squatting, lying on one side or the other.  Nothing would alleviate the pain.  I went outside and asked dad to pray for me and he did.  He asked if I thought it could be an appendix and I thought perhaps it was.  The pain continued to increase and then vomiting began.   I called my husband and told him I needed to go to the Dr. and made an appointment with OBGYN.  It was only 12 pm and I didn’ t feel like I could make it that long. The pain and the vomiting were right there together and it was not getting better.  I called my mom and she said, “Sis I think you should cancel your Dr. appointment and go to the ER. I am coming home right now and I will meet you at the hospital.”  Off we went.


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