God cares about what?

God cares about books.

He does.

Proof that He does is in the picture below and the story that follows.


 I am using a free curriculum, called abcjesuslovesme.  (http://www.abcjesuslovesme.com/)

I chose it because:

1. It was free

2. It looked fun

3. I loved that fact that it weaves scripture through each week. 

4. You can print the activities for free OR order the books.

Our daughter has already memorized 6 scripture verses at 4 years old. I think that is awesome and she loves the way all of the stories are presented. YAY!

I wanted to order these books online through an online bookstore, but the bidding went far over what I was willing or able to pay. So I said, “Lord, I am disappointed but I will check them out at my local library instead.”  I had been doing that, but it seems these books are quite popular. 🙂 So needless to say, even with reserving the books, they weren’t in on the week I needed them. 

I was given a monetary gift and had gone to the bank to cash the check and decided to stop at my local thrift store. 7 weeks later, after my prayer, there on the shelf… was the ENTIRE set of alphabet books and the ENTIRE number set book! Including an extra one I hadn’t even expected! I hadn’t even bid on those!! There they were all 35 of them. RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME!!!

I don’t typically take a basket if I am not going to spend any money shopping at the thrift store, so in one arm, I am carrying 35 books and on my other hand, there is my sweet little punkin who prefers to be called “Mrs. Farmer Girl”.

We get to the front of the store (of course it never hurts to ask for more of a discount buying in bulk) I paid for my books after a half price discount, I paid only $17.99!


Can you see the blessing here? I am in awe of God’s provision and gift of these books. 

He does care. 

Even about books!


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