quote from the preschooler

“Sweetie, you need to close the garden gate so Angel won’t go in and roll on the vegetables.” (Angel, our crazy springer spaniel, loves to roll on green beans and other vines.)

She responds so seriously,Why don’t you post a ‘No dogs in the garden’ sign mom.”

To which I held my chuckles inside and said, “Dogs can’t read, so you need to be responsible and shut the gate.”  “OK mom. I will.” 

Sweet 4-year-old logic at its best!

Happy day to y’all!



Homemade pizza and Ramen Noodles?


Every week or two I make homemade pizza and my family LOVES pizza! 🙂  The dough I used is a link above and I add garlic powder and Italian Herbs and a little extra salt to the mix.   I have a family of five who all eat very heartily and there are not many leftovers at the end of each meal.  A few weeks ago my middle daughter picked the volunteer lettuce leaves from the garden, cut tomatoes and other veggies and made a salad. (There was a bit of a mess from her surprise kitchen experience but she did clean it up.) 🙂  A dear friend decided to stop by right at dinner time so as dinner was on the table, I was scrambling for what to add to the table to fill those hungry tummies.  We had not gotten any groceries at this point because it was at the end of our 11-12 weeks with no pay check.

I have never been a lover of Ramen Noodles, though my kids are super enthusiastic when it comes to chowing down on those babies! A friend of mine said she served Ramen Noodles with Spaghetti sauce and I had some of both.  YIPPEEE!  3 minutes later, thanks to the hot pot, my water was boiling and the noodles were a soakin!  I added some spaghetti sauce after they were drained, left off the powdered flavor and Viola! An added side dish sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and everyone was happy and full at the end.

Be creative. Be resourceful. Be full! 🙂