I am a battle-ax!

I am a battle-ax a weapon of war. You gave me these children I gladly fight for.

Stalking like a lioness I stand and watch each day.  Protecting ever pacing I daily stop to pray.

Running roughshod over my family I will not allow.  We took an oath and on those days he and I humbly did vow. 

To care for these children three. To run, to walk this path with thee.

Thank you Lord for blessing us thrice though your will and your way wasn’t that nice.

For three I lost along the way in your heavens now they stay.

Safe and secure in Your arms of above. You replaced them with three more to love.

We guide their hearts and hold their lives trying to ensure that each one thrives.

 A blessing my family is this day. Adoption was the only way. 

 In heaven we pray will see each face shining in your glory and grace.

(I know that is a male lion but it is the mental picture was going for with my husband and I 🙂 )

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